Blinds in Dubai

Providing premium quality blinds & curtains to offices across Dubai for more than a decade, Office Blinds & Curtains provide made-to-measure & custom-made items at the best prices.

Office blinds & curtains offers made-to-measure blinds & curtains in Dubai and custom blinds in Dubai at affordable prices. Our team provides door-to-door service for custom-made curtains in Dubai. It is easy to use our services. Feel free to contact us or fill out the form to schedule a free consultation. During the visit, we will bring a variety of fabric samples and measure your windows as well. It helps in preparing an accurate quotation and selecting a fabric that matches your decor and taste. It’s easy for you to get curtains, blinds, and shutters installed by us at an affordable price. Their excellent quality characterizes our custom-made curtains in Dubai.

A wide variety of blinds for your home or business: motorized blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, panel blinds, wooden venetian blinds, and duplex zebra blinds.

With Office Blinds & Curtains, you can find made-to-measure blinds in Dubai ranging in various styles, such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, panel blinds, wooden blinds, aluminium blinds, honeycomb blinds to match any interior design. If you are looking for blinds in Dubai, you can contact us and we will transform your windows to your liking. We specialize in making to measure roller blinds in Dubai, roman blinds in Dubai, vertical blinds in Dubai, panel blinds in Dubai, wooden blinds in Dubai, aluminium blinds in Dubai, honeycomb blinds in Dubai.Based on your preferences and requirements, you can select the type of blinds that will give your decor the look you desire. We also offer high quality somfy motorized blinds in Dubai at affordable rates. If you choose to use our free consultation at your home or office, our experienced consultants will help you select blinds that blend well with your interior.

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How To Choose Office Blinds?

When buying blinds, you need to think about how you use the space and which blind would best create your desired environment. The most important considerations when selecting office blinds are screen glare and light.

Consider the way you use your office and workspace. Do you spend most of your time in that room during the day? If you were working outside, would you prefer a picturesque view or maximum privacy from passers-by? Dimout blinds are ideal for those who want views. Bottom-up blinds or blackout blinds are good choices if privacy is your primary concern.

Working late into the night is something you tend to do? Choosing office blinds that can cope with artificial light from streetlights or cars might be a good idea if your office is near the highway. When choosing blinds for your office, determine how you intend to use the space, whether it’s at home or downtown Dubai or in a larger building.

Blind type isn’t the only thing to consider – materials are also crucial. You can reduce the effect of sunlight on your computer and other tools if you choose materials that can reflect or block light. In addition to offering great light control, slatted blinds can be tilted to reflect light back outside, preventing glare. Your screens can become difficult to read if too much light is reflected by fabric blinds. Fabric blinds absorb some of the light, reducing reflections. 

If you are looking to decorate your office, you might also like to consider using thermal blinds or flame-resistant materials. The requirement of flame retardant window dressings is particularly important for commercial offices. By doing so, an office building is better protected and the likelihood of rapid fire spread within it is reduced. 

If your office building needs to be heated or cooled, thermal blinds can help you save money. The layered fabrics in these blinds create an insulating layer, such as pleated blinds and honeycomb blinds. During the cold winter months, it can trap heat inside the office space and block heat outside when summer temperatures soar. 

Office Blinds: 5 Best Options for Commercial and Residential Spaces

1.Roller Blinds

A roller blind is made of fabric and is available in blackout or voile designs. The sleek and minimal aesthetic of roller blinds makes them a popular choice. Fabric rolls up on a headrail so they take up less space than roman blinds. By choosing roller blinds in vibrant colours or patterns, you can create a statement piece in your office or you can create an understated design by going neutral.

Your office roller blinds should be made out of a blackout fabric if you work in the evening and need to block out streetlights. Consider dimout blinds made of more translucent fabrics if you prefer to work during the day and want some light but don’t want glare.

2.Roman Blinds

A Roman blind is made up of one large piece of fabric. They are available in voile and translucent fabrics that allow natural light to gently filter into a room, as well as blackout fabrics that completely block out light. In commercial offices, these blinds are particularly common because they impart an elegant and sophisticated look. With the opening of the blinds, the fabric gently folds over, giving the window a regal Renaissance design.

3.Wooden Blinds

The most popular office blind is a wooden venetian blind. Wood, faux wood, aluminum, and PVC slats make up these types of blinds. Slats are held together with cords and move up and down as the cord is raised or lowered. Further controlling light entry into your office is possible by tilting the slats 180 degrees.

Because you can adjust light not only by raising the blinds, but also by tilting the slats, office wooden blinds are more versatile. The light can be adjusted as the sun moves throughout the day, making them ideal for office environments. the early morning hours tIn the morning, tilt the slats inwards to warm up the room, and in the afternoon, tilt them outwards to direct light away from your screen.

Compared with fabric blinds, Venetian blinds also contain more materials. An office can be decorated with real wooden blinds to add a touch of warmth, or you can choose cold, sleek aluminium blinds. To improve the aesthetics of your office, you can also choose grey, black, and white in addition to natural wood grains.

4.Duplex Zebra Blinds

Zebra Day-night blinds are an excellent option for office window blinds if you’re looking for versatility. These blinds typically feature two alternating stripes of fabric – opaque and translucent. By adjusting the blinds so the voile fabric shows, light will enter the room. The blinds can also be adjusted to block out light if the opaque fabric dominates.

5.Vertical Blinds

Would your office have a large window or door that would allow you to walk outside to a patio or garden? These offices are ideal for vertical blinds. In contrast to horizontal blinds, these blinds feature tall slats that run sideways. Extra-large windows that would be too large for horizontal blinds may benefit from them. 

Furthermore, these blinds do not require adjustment when used with bifold or French doors. Due to the vertical slats, you do not have to touch the window treatments to slip in and out as you please.